Returning to the Control Room

Returning to the Control Room

Following a brief stint with the Ministry of Defence (MoD) Police, Jonathan returned to Thames Valley Police (TVP), looking to help contribute to protecting our communities through teamwork and camaraderie, bring a different perspective on policing back with him.

  • Current Role: Police Officer within the Police Control room, Contact Management
  • Age at joining policing: 25
  • Length of Service (in total, including TVP): 17

Jonathan, why did you decide to transfer/re-join TVP?

I left TVP in 2019 to transfer to MoD; along the way, I found there was not much scope to specialise, so I decided to re-join TVP, as I missed the team work and camaraderie from working within TVP.

What does TVP have to offer?

I’m now working within the Police Control Room which is a completely new role for me. The role allows me to work within a team that are creating and reviewing incidents at source. It has given me a greater drive attending work actually feeling that I have a purpose and making a difference.

Transferee and re-joiners welcome at TVP

How do you feel you are realising your potential at TVP?

I work within a team that are passionate, with a mix between civilian staff and police officers. It has given me a totally different view on policing and utilising risk assessing to a greater degree on a daily basis. It’s a particularly fast paced role at times trying to manage incidents coming in whilst managing incidents that are already to be resourced or have been resourced. Everyday within this role is a new day and certainly not mundane.

In your opinion, what sets TVP apart from other forces?

From my experience TVP is far better organised and professional compared to other policing I have experienced. It appears now that TVP is a lot more driven for the welfare of officers and the retention of staff.

What would you say to anyone considering transferring/re-joining TVP?

Seeing policing from a different perspective after leaving TVP, I didn’t realise how professional and team driven TVP were. I would definitely recommend TVP to other officers due to the opportunities available to officers within TVP.

Officers choose to transfer to TVP or re-join policing with TVP for a variety of reasons; for some it’s our reputation as a forward-thinking and well-organised force; for others it’s the opportunity for promotion or specialism, and often we’re just a shorter commute! Whatever your reason, the knowledge, skills and experience you bring will be warmly welcomed into the TVP family from day one.

Considering a move to TVP as a transferee or re-joiner? Visit our Transferees and Re-joiners page to find out how you can join our team.