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Diversity is key in Contact Management

Name: Arundeep Rai Length of service: 7 months Age: 25 years old What made you want to become a 999/101 call handler? I worked in a call centre previously. Relatives of mine that worked for Thames Valley made me aware of the opportunities in contact management and it made sense to bring the two things …

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Komal – My first year as a Contact Management Centre Officer

Having spent four years working in retail whilst also studying at University, Komal was looking for an opportunity to take on a new challenge outside of her comfort zone. 12 months on from starting out in TVP’s Control Room, Komal shares her valuable insight and talks us through the moment she answered her first 999 …

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What will your first call be?

A career as a Contact Management Centre Officer provides variety and challenge that really cannot be matched. It’s a role that requires enthusiastic, resilient individuals able to use their own initiative to solve problems whilst displaying empathy and tact. It can be challenging and unpredictable at times, but with first class training and development opportunities, …