Meet Sam, Digital Forensic Investigator

Meet Sam, Digital Forensic Investigator

Sam spent five years in ‘Computing’ before researching what other IT related roles were out there; in 2020 he discovered Digital Forensics and hasn’t looked back.

  “Since joining TVP, I finally understand what true job satisfaction means and it was something I had been on the hunt for my entire career.

Being involved in cases, which can directly contribute towards bringing criminals to justice, as well being at the forefront of the ever-evolving technologies for both mobile phones and computers alike, coupled with being part of a driven and fully focussed team, makes the role incredibly fulfilling.

It’s a role that allows you to get ‘hands on’ with physical exhibits and not just the complex databases or file systems, which are acquired.

Training courses have been provided, with off-site courses attended in various parts of the country, which give you the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals from other forces. I have even been able to study a Cyber Security degree with Open University whilst in the role.”

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