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Meet Leah Julier, Witness Care Unit Team Leader

What does the Witness Care Unit do? The Witness Care Unit is a practical and sometimes emotional support team within Criminal Justice, as police staff members we help to look after victims and witnesses when they are going through the court process. Up until the first hearing, the officer in charge of the case will …

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Becoming the difference I wanted to see

By Phil McCoy: TVP People Services Administrator, LAGLO+, Special Constable. Ever since I was younger, I have been a very theatrical, flamboyant character, and I always wanted to go into acting, so I did a degree in Performing Arts at Oxford & Cherwell Valley College and Bucks New University. While the performing arts are still …

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Conversation with David Smith, Equality and Diversity Advisor (Disability) for Thames Valley Police

What made you join Thames Valley Police (TVP)? I have previously worked for a number of police forces, as an Equality and Diversity advisor there. I then decided that I wanted to go and work for myself and set up my own company, however soon after I was approached by TVP for the same role, …