Meet Beth, Senior Digital Forensic Investigator

Meet Beth, Senior Digital Forensic Investigator

Beth joined TVP a few months after completing her MSc in Cyberpsychology having always aspired to work in policing. Over the past five years, she has progressed from Digital Evidence Technician to Senior Digital Forensic Investigator.

Beth Digital Forensics Investigator“Digital Forensics is a fast paced, ever-changing field where no two cases are the same. With the advancements in technologies and new emerging devices, the reliance on digital evidence acquired from devices has never been more vital for the progression of police investigations. Being able to contribute to the wider TVP team investigations is hugely rewarding, whilst working alongside a multitude of departments such as the Paedophile Online Investigation Team (POLIT), Serious Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) and Major Crime Unit (MCU), in conjunction with feeling like justice can be served for victims and the wider community.

Digital forensics is like a complex logic puzzle that needs to be systematically reviewed and explored in order to investigate and find the evidence, whether it’s delving into undecoded databases or discovering new acquisition techniques, the job can be time consuming but extremely fulfilling.

I feel like a valued member of a close-knit and dedicated team within the DFU, and with the additional funding that is being granted by TVP into the Forensics field, this is allowing for constant progression of the team through both improving skill sets with more advanced training courses but also better-quality hardware and software being available to us.”

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