Thames Valley Police’s Dedication to Inclusivity during National Inclusion Week 2023

Thames Valley Police’s Dedication to Inclusivity during National Inclusion Week 2023

National Inclusion Week (NIW), celebrated this year during 25 September to 1 October 2023, is a designated time for recognising the significance of inclusivity within workplaces.  

As an employer, Thames Valley Police unwaveringly upholds its dedication to its TVP people, empowering each team member to reach their full potential while protecting our Thames Valley communities.  

During NIW 2023, TVP celebrated its recent achievements in the fields of diversity and inclusion, from establishing its Neurodiversity Staff Support Network (NDSN), to acknowledging Ramadan 2023 alongside our uniformed officers and staff, to actively participating in Pride festivities across the Thames Valley, and this autumn, for winning the esteemed 2023 Menopause Friendly Employer of the Year Award 

In addition, during NIW 2023, TVP prepared several webinars for its employees:  

  • Debbie Epstein, Director of Sector Services at Inclusive Employers, marked NIW with TVP by conducting a webinar on Wednesday, 27 September on “Addressing Unconscious Bias”. The webinar delved into crucial topics such as unconscious bias, its manifestation in our conduct, and how both individuals and organisations can confront it. Unconscious bias constitutes our automatic response to a person and significantly influences how we interact with and perceive others. Acquiring an understanding of our unconscious bias and actively challenging it is pivotal in preventing harm towards others.  
  • The Men’s Forum, The Women’s Network, LGBT+ Network, Chaplaincy, and Neurodiversity Network united in marking NIW 2023 with a special webinar on Friday, 29 September, with the theme “A Conversation with our Staff Support Networks on Taking Action and Making an Impact.” This event highlighted the significance of collaboration and unity in creating a more inclusive workplace. Our internal events were attended by over 60 people, and were well received by our employees, generating a positive sentiment.   

Voices from Within 

Several colleagues from TVP also shared their perspectives on workplace inclusivity during NIW 2023:  

During National Inclusion Week and beyond, Thames Valley Police maintains an unwavering commitment to creating an inclusive and diverse workforce that represents the communities we serve.  

At Thames Valley Police, inclusivity is not confined to a week; it is an integral aspect of our identity and our guiding principles. 

To learn more about the support we provide our employees, visit our Supporting You and Valuing Difference pages.