Thames Valley Police launches Neurodiversity Support Network

Thames Valley Police launches Neurodiversity Support Network

Did you know that approximately 1 in 7 individuals in the UK are thought to be neurodivergent? At TVP, we’re proud to have recently launched our Neurodiversity Support Network to facilitate the support and education of our force on neurodiversity, and help staff fully achieve their potential.

To celebrate Neurodiversity Celebration Week, TVP is excited to announce the launch of our newly formed Neurodiversity Support Network (NDSN). NDSN aims to represent all officers and staff within TVP that consider themselves to be neurodivergent, care for a neurodivergent individual (child and/or adult) or share an interest in equality and neurodiversity.​​​​​​​

This network has been set up by TVP employees with or affected by neurodiverse conditions such as dyslexia, autism, and ADHD. NDSN aims to promote a greater understanding of neurodiversity, offer support and advice to neurodivergent police officers and staff, and signpost appropriately to assist with potential arising issues. The network also aims to offer support to staff supporting or working with neurodivergent colleagues, communities, families and dependents.

Assistant Chief Officer Mike Lattanzio, Chief Officer Lead for Disability and Chair of the Disability Matters Board said:

“The launch of the Neurodiversity Support Network is a great achievement and I am proud to have opened the network’s launch event personally.

Awareness of neurodiversity is increasing across all sectors and in our private lives, but it’s not increasing quickly enough. With figures showing one in seven of us and approximately 50% of prison inmates have a neurodiverse condition, our need to gain a greater understanding of neurodiversity as a whole for the benefit of our colleagues and for the public we serve has never been greater.

I look forward to working with NDSN to see how we can make further adjustments to make TVP a welcoming and accepting environment for all.”

At TVP, we are proud to have a diverse range of Staff Support Networks. These networks provide advice and support on a range of issues to their members, or anyone working for Thames Valley Police who requests help. They act as a critical friend to the organisation, championing improvements to policies and practices that improve the working lives of those within the force. The networks work together to support our force in its goals for diversity, inclusion and wellbeing.

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