A look back at Pride

A look back at Pride

On June 3rd, the city of Oxford came alive with an exuberant display of colours and festivities as it commemorated the landmark 20th anniversary of Oxford Pride. There was a wonderful atmosphere, with thousands of jubilant attendees from all walks of life gathering to take part in the event.

Leading the charge was Oxford LPA Commander, Bruce Riddell. Commander Riddell joined forces with the Thames Valley LGBT+ Network to engage with the public and help promote the network’s mission throughout the day.

The roots of this event can be traced back to 2002, when two of Oxford’s iconic LGBT+ pubs, the Castle Tavern and Jolly Farmers, decided to join hands in celebrating the Queen’s Golden Jubilee. What started as an outdoor street BBQ party soon evolved into something much larger, capturing the hearts of the community and kicking off an annual tradition that has grown in scale and significance year on year.

Philip McCoy, Vice Chair & Communications Lead for Thames Valley LGBT+ Police Network commented,

“As a black, gay man, Pride is extremely close to my heart. It represents the solidarity of family and love, how far we’ve come and how far we’ve got to go. It is immensely pleasing to me that I work for an organisation that acknowledges the importance of Pride and will stand with me to fight for justice.”

Of course, Pride is not limited to just one event in Oxford. The whole month of June saw events across the region marking Pride Month – proudly supported by Thames Valley Police.

Members of TVP also benefit from the support of our Thames Valley LGBT+ Network. The Network offers support for both LGBT+ and non-LGBT+ members alike. All personnel employed, contracted, or volunteering for Thames Valley Police are welcome to join, and membership is free.

To find out more about TVP’s Staff Support Networks and how you’ll be supported in your career, visit our Supporting You page on TVP Careers.