Apprenticeship Week – Ryan’s story

Apprenticeship Week – Ryan’s story

From 3-7 February 2020, TVP will be participating in National Apprenticeship Week. Across our social channels, we will be sharing information about current and upcoming apprenticeship programmes as well as highlighting some of the fantastic work of our current apprentices.

The theme for this year’s event is ‘Look beyond’ – showcasing how apprenticeships have moved on from the outdated stereotype and celebrating the diversity of opportunity and value they provide.

With TVP now recruiting for their new Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship, as well as having successfully rolled out apprenticeship programmes for PCSOs, Contact Management and many staff departments, there really are opportunities in every corner of the force.

One such example is Ryan Smith, an Analyst within our Joint ICT department who has recently completed his Level 3 Infrastructure Technician Apprenticeship. This is Ryan’s journey, from leaving 6th form, to joining TVP and undertaking his apprenticeship.

If Ryan’s story inspires you to explore what apprenticeships can offer, visit our website and start your own journey with TVP.

National Apprenticeship Week 2020: 
Ryan Smith – my apprenticeship journey

“When I completed my 6th form studies, I opted to earn and learn. I applied and was successful in securing an apprenticeship and joined the ICT department in 2018 (a joint department covering Thames Valley Police and Hampshire Constabulary) as their very first apprentice.

“16 months down the line I have now successfully concluded the apprenticeship by studying a Level 3 Infrastructure Technician Course with Thames Valley Police and Hampshire Constabulary and guaranteed myself a role in the Application Support team as an analyst. The department’s management, application team and surrounding teams have guided and supported me to really challenge myself and develop further skills along the way. I have since jumped at a recent opportunity to develop myself further by applying for an IT Business Analyst development role – I was successful and I can’t wait to start!

“Alongside the working week and daily duties, Joint ICT provided me with endless shadowing opportunities with both technical and business teams. This allowed me to see how the processes linked together around the department and broadened my knowledge of the business and how it impacts front line policing.

“I have also taken opportunities to go on a number of civilian ride along shifts with officers from Cowley, which consisted of an operational briefing and tasking for the 5pm to 3am shift. I got to witness first-hand the blues and twos from the passenger seat as myself and the PC I was paired with raced towards different scenes around Oxford. Whilst on these attachments I was able to see how the apps I service are used directly on the frontline helping keep both officers and the public safe. I have also taken part in public order training playing the role of a football hooligan; this was a fun experience and it was interesting to see the challenges that this unit could face day-to-day.

“I also experienced visiting and working with different businesses including Microsoft, Fujitsu, Vodafone and Illuminate for various presentations, demonstrations and projects around applications I support. As well as visiting third party partners, I attended numerous workshops and conferences to learn about future technologies being introduced to the force to assist both staff and officers.

“The last 16 months has been a steep learning curve but I look forward to pushing myself further and seeing where it will take me.”