Komal – My first year as a Contact Management Centre Officer

Komal – My first year as a Contact Management Centre Officer

Having spent four years working in retail whilst also studying at University, Komal was looking for an opportunity to take on a new challenge outside of her comfort zone. 12 months on from starting out in TVP’s Control Room, Komal shares her valuable insight and talks us through the moment she answered her first 999 call.

“I already had an interest in the police through my study and for me, it was the motivation of helping people every day and knowing that no day is ever the same. I’ve watched all of the TV shows and always wondered what it would be like working in a pressured environment like this.

Despite always wanting to join, Komal was initially unsure whether the job role would be right for her. However, with the support and training offered throughout her time with TVP, Komal has not looked back.

“We had five weeks of training; the training was extremely thorough helping you understand the system and what the job role entails. After the training we came into the room and were assigned a tutor who offered additional guidance to help address any areas of weakness. Supervisors were supportive and time was made available for additional training if required so it was great and I felt very supported.

“Overall the first year has gone so quickly. I have really enjoyed it; it’s been a completely different experience for me and TVP has felt like a family, we all work together, officer and staff, helping the public.”

To hear more of Komal’s experience working within Contact Management, watch the video below. For further information on the role of a Contact Management Centre Officer and how to apply, visit our careers website.