90 seconds with PCSO Richard Conner

90 seconds with PCSO Richard Conner

90 seconds with PCSO Richard Conner

Role: Police Community Support Officer

Age: 67

Length of service: 29 years in total (seven years as a PCSO, 22 years as a PC)

What was your previous career?

I was a Publican for 20 years before joining the police – my experience dealing with the public has proved invaluable in my policing career.

What has your career with TVP looked like?

Following my initial training I worked as a Response Officer in Oxford, then moved to Witney’s Neighbourhood team, working in Eynsham and Witney. I used to lead a team of 4 PCSOs. When I reached the compulsory retirement age for police officers I decided to re-join as a PCSO – because it is classed as a staff role, age restrictions don’t apply in the same way.

What do you enjoy about your role?

The fact every day is unpredictable and different. I particularly enjoy the schools engagement, being able to positively influence the younger generation and showing that the police are approachable and there to help.  Because PCSOs work in local communities you get to build strong relationships… for me it’s the nicer side of policing.

What qualities do you feel make a good PCSO?

Empathy, common sense, positive attitude and a smile. The ability to talk to different people from young children and teenagers to the elderly.

What would you say to anybody considering becoming a PCSO?

Being a PCSO can be a great second career. If someone was still enjoying policing then transferring to become a PCSO is a good option – it allows you to be out in the community, building relationships and solving problems. I feel I am the face of TVP in my local community and it’s very rewarding.

If Richard’s story has inspired you to consider a career as a PCSO, visit our PCSO page for further information and to begin your journey!