TVP wins Police Force of the Year award at GG2 Leadership & Diversity Awards

TVP wins Police Force of the Year award at GG2 Leadership & Diversity Awards

TVP wins Police Force of the Year award at GG2 Leadership & Diversity AwardsThames Valley Police’s unwavering commitment to diversity, inclusion, and workforce representation, coupled with its ground-breaking initiatives and exemplary leadership, was recognised Tuesday 5 March, winning the Police Force of the Year award at the GG2 Leadership and Diversity Awards.

When asked about this award, Assistant Chief Constable Dennis Murray, Legitimacy and Public Value Lead at TVP, said: “I am proud that Thames Valley Police has won the Police Force of the Year award at the GG2 Leadership and Diversity awards for its work on the Race Action Plan and our wider approach to DEI, VAWG, mentoring and leadership. Dedicated and passionate colleagues work every single day to drive forward our mission of being an excellent police force trusted by all our communities. Well done to all involved!” 

TVP stands as a trailblazer force, unwavering in its commitment to diversity, inclusion, and workforce representation. In a remarkable display of leadership, TVP has spearheaded initiatives that have not only set benchmarks but have become shining examples for police forces nationwide. 

One of TVP’s ground-breaking achievements is the establishment of the Independent Scrutiny and Oversight Board (ISOB) for the force’s Race Action Plan.  Aligned with the National Police Race Action Plan, we are the first police force to institute such a board, thereby setting a standard for accountability and transparency. Recognized as a lead force in the National ISOB end-of-year report, TVP’s efforts in this area exemplify leadership and commitment to societal progress. 

Further, TVP has been honoured as the first police force to receive the National Menopause Friendly Employer Award, demonstrating a dedication to workforce well-being that goes beyond the norm. Not content with achieving this recognition, TVP actively supports other forces in implementing similar initiatives. 

In the pursuit of excellence, TVP is actively developing a Leadership Academy that focuses on training, development, and career progression. This will provide tailored resources and positive action programs, particularly aimed at supporting underrepresented groups. 

Our successful execution of a Reverse Mentoring Programme involving our Chief Officer team and staff from minority groups is a testament to inclusive leadership.  TVP’s Chief Constable and leadership team serve as dedicated strategic leads for protected characteristic groups, championing strategic activity and supporting Staff Support Networks and Buddy Support Groups.  

Achieving ‘Leader’ status for Disability Confident underscores TVP’s commitment to inclusivity, evidenced through a Reasonable Adjustments Management Process that supports individuals with disabilities and neurodiversity. 

An investment in a dedicated outreach Positive Action team shows commitment to engaging with individuals in diverse communities to encourage and support consideration of policing careers. Commitment to training initiatives, including Black History training for all officers and soon supervisors, highlights our commitment to fostering education, understanding, and awareness. 

TVP’s initiatives addressing inappropriate behaviour, especially focused on Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) and misogyny, showcase commitment to maintaining a safe and respectful workplace. Our ‘Let’s Talk About’ and ‘Healthy Team Culture’ workshops facilitate essential conversations about race, gender, disability, and neurodiversity. 

The strategic lead role of TVP’s Assistant Chief Officer for the National Women of Colour in Policing group emphasizes the force’s dedication to supporting women. With dedicated individuals leading specific work stream pillars, including Continuous Professional Development, Intersectionality, communication, and events, TVP ensures a holistic approach to diversity and inclusion. 

Notably, TVP’s internal diversity and inclusion efforts directly impact the service provided to the public, as demonstrated by measures taken in response to tragic knife crime deaths. Our comprehensive communication and engagement plan involves collaboration with key stakeholders. TVP’s acceptance of the “Knife Angel,” a National Monument against violence, further showcases our commitment to community engagement and addressing societal issues.  

TVP recognises, values and celebrates difference.

Every individual at TVP matters. Everyone has an important role to play and makes a difference. Collectively we work together to achieve our commitment of making all communities within the Thames Valley safer and more secure.

Our Positive Action and Engagement Team (PAET) focuses on building engagement in under–represented communities and encouraging people from ethnically diverse backgrounds to consider a career in policing.

If you are from a Black, Asian or Minority-Ethnic background and are interested in a career in policing with TVP, or you may have more questions, we encourage you to contact the team directly by sending them an email at or by visiting our Valuing Difference page.