Police National Dyslexia Association launched

Police National Dyslexia Association launched

The Police National Dyslexia Association (affectionately known as PaNDA) is a small group of Police Officers and staff who want to help Dyslexic colleagues to function at their best potential, develop their Dyslexia thinking skills, and effectively support those who protect our communities.

Police National Dyslexia Network

(L-R) Supervisor Christian Blair TVP, PS Maria Canning D&C, Chief Constable Jason Hogg TVP, PC Chris Walton-Tate D&C

The association has been growing since 2021 with a core group from Devon and Cornwall and Thames Valley Police, as well as several PNDA advisors from other forces, who all want to create a nationwide environment for people to help and support each other with their Dyslexia experiences.  The network will provide advice, peer support and guidance at the ‘grass roots’ level to those affected and their families – it will do this in an open, accommodating, accepting and non-judgmental manner.

This support will help thousands of people nationwide to connect with others, build upon the strengths their neurodiversity provides and assist with any difficulties they face due to Dyslexia.  In addition the Association aims to remove barriers, labels and stigma surrounding dyslexia and neurodiversity.

There are already many forces and people from around the UK involved, contributing a huge range of knowledge and experience – This will certainly grow as more join in.

The Launch of the PNDA was better than any of the three of us could have ever expected. The support that we have been change by chief officers and the 70 other guests who attended has blown us away.
We are really looking forward to starting to support people. “Together we can change the stigma around Dyslexia”

Sgt Maria Canning, Chair of the Network. Devon & Cornwall Police

The PNDA officially launched on Monday 20th February with celebrations at the Houses of Parliament and Scotland Yard to mark the occasion.

To learn more, please visit new the Police National Dyslexia Association website.

For more information on dyslexia support at Thames Valley Police, please visit our Supporting You page.