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Meet PC Hadi Yousef

Length of Service: 3 years Hadi, you have a very international upbringing, tell us how you came to the UK. I was born and raised in Bahrain in the Middle-East and lived there my entire life pretty much; my mum is from Cornwall and my dad is Bahraini, so I have dual citizenship. Growing up I attended an international …

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Meet PC Jenna Caswell

Role: Response Team Age at joining: 34 Length of Service: 2 years Why did you join the police in your thirties? I definitely don’t come from a policing background, my Grandfather was from the travelling community, he always valued honesty and respected the police. It’s something I always wanted to do. Our family have many traveller …

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Celebrating 25 years at TVP

Let us take you back to 1996; a year when Oasis and the Spice Girls ruled the charts, England reached the semi-finals of Euro ’96, John Major was PM and the tragic events in Dunblane broke the hearts of the nation. It was on 19 February of that year that three young women started their policing …