Reflecting on Ramadan at Thames Valley Police

Reflecting on Ramadan at Thames Valley Police

Like many of our community members, some of our Thames Valley Police (TVP) colleagues celebrated Ramadan last month. Police Officers Adam and Amina have recently shared their experiences of managing Ramadan alongside their policing careers. 

Response Officer Adam

Response Officer Adam

A day of Ramadan alongside the work schedule as a Police Officer

PC (Police Constable) Adam finds Ramadan influencing his daily routine and work schedule in profound ways. He explains: “Ramadan influences me by motivating me to go the extra mile in my duties. I’m known among my colleagues for my strong work ethic, but during Ramadan, my motivation to excel is further heightened by my religious observance. Despite the challenges of fasting during long shifts, my commitment to my work is fuelled by the love of my religion. I also appreciate the support I received from my line managers and colleagues, which allows me to practise my faith while fulfilling my duties.” 

 PC Amina adjusts her shifts to accommodate Ramadan’s observances: Although working on response can be difficult and demanding, with the support from my line manager I have been able to alter my shifts to accommodate for Ramadan,” she explains. “By starting my early shifts a couple of hours later and ensuring that I have appropriate time to open my fast during the day, I exemplify adaptability and dedication to both my faith and my profession.” 

Beyond Fasting: Traditions at Work

What are some special traditions you practice during Ramadan, even at work? 

PC Amina: “The spiritual significance of Ramadan is beyond abstention from food and drink. It’s a time of self-reflection, renewal, and solidarity with oppressed communities worldwide. I find meaning in connecting with my colleagues who are also fasting. Working on an incident and crime response (ICR) team as a key responder, I particularly enjoy opening my fast with other colleagues who are fasting. This practice not only strengthens bonds between colleagues but also allows for reflection on shared experiences”. 

Managing Energy Levels

How do you manage your energy levels during long workdays while fasting? 

PC Adam: “During Ramadan, managing my energy levels while fulfilling work responsibilities becomes paramount. Fasting during Ramadan is like any other day for officers like me, where finding time to eat or drink can be challenging at times. Therefore, I sometimes forget that I am fasting as time flies by quickly while I’m out on shift!” 

Community Spirit: Celebrating Together 

Response Officer Amina

Response Officer Amina

How does Ramadan impact your approach to work and colleagues? 

“The sense of community at TVP extends beyond shared religious beliefs. Colleagues of all faiths actively participate in supporting their Muslim colleagues during Ramadan. I appreciate the support I received from colleagues and supervisors, enabling me to fulfil my religious obligations while on duty,” PC Amina reflects.  

She also took the opportunity to educate her colleagues about Ramadan, fostering understanding and inclusivity within the workplace and in communities. 

TVP’s Muslim Police Association (MPA), an internal staff support network, played a vital role in aiding colleagues during Ramadan. The network organised a webinar where colleagues could seek advice and ask questions about supporting one another during this significant month. Additionally, MPA members conducted informative sessions in stations, educating colleagues on Ramadan’s importance and how they could best provide support to their communities and colleagues.  

Celebrating our differences is a testament to our commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace. By fostering understanding and offering support, we create an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to practise their faith. And collectively we work together to achieve our commitment of making all communities within the Thames Valley safer and more secure. 

PC Amina: “Ramadan is a time for reflection, but it’s also a reminder of the importance of community. Here at TVP, every individual matters. Everyone has an important role to play and makes a difference.” 


Thames Valley Police (TVP) is actively looking for people to be the difference they want to see in their communities. To find out more about a career as a Police Officer with TVP – including the realities of working on response, initial training, and to apply to become a Police Officer please visit our Police Officer page.