Meet PC Jacob Taylor-Abreu

Meet PC Jacob Taylor-Abreu

PC Taylor AbreuPC Jacob Taylor-Abreu joined policing in 2019 after 4 years of military service. He currently works as a response officer dealing with 999 and 101 shouts.

Why did you want to join the police? 

After leaving the army, I still wanted work in a uniformed role and was instantly drawn to the police. After leaving the army I spent around a year travelling abroad and then worked as a window fitter for some time before working at Cotswold Outdoor. I knew I needed something more challenging, and for me I knew that was the police. After going through the application process with Thames Valley Police (TVP) I eventually joined as a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) in 2019 before taking the leap and joining as a Police Constable (PC) in 2020. There are so many different departments/roles within the police, there is something for everyone and I am hoping one day to join the Joint Operations Unit (JOU) as an Armed Response Officer.

How do you feel your military career has helped you in your police career? 

The army was a life changing experience for me and put me in good stead to join the police. Being in the army presents you with a number of opportunities for personal development, giving you valuable life experience and helping to make you a more resilient robust person. Both the police and army are demanding jobs, but my time in the army really helped set me up for my career in the police and moulded me into who I am today.

What is the most rewarding thing about policing? 

I really enjoy the challenging nature of the police. No day is the same and I have dealt with some demanding incidents, some of which I never thought I would necessarily deal with as a Police Officer. Like most people who join the police, helping people plays a major part. Whether that is a victim of crime, attending an injury, road traffic collision (RTC), or simply engaging with members of the public helping to improve their confidence in the police. The police is a job like no other, it’s not for everyone, it has its highs and lows but I wouldn’t do anything else now.

What do you love most about policing? 

What I love the most about policing must be the officers who I work with. When I left the army, I really missed the camaraderie and being part of a close-knit team. My team is awesome; they’re from all walks of life, backgrounds and with varying lengths of service. Now that I have been with my team over 2 years now, I feel at home. I’m looking forward to seeing where my career in policing takes me and continuing to challenge myself.

If you are looking at military resettlement into TVP, you can read more about the support available on our Military Resettlement page.

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