Detective Laura Corscadden honoured as National Investigator of the Year for exceptional policing by Police Federation

Detective Laura Corscadden honoured as National Investigator of the Year for exceptional policing by Police Federation

Acting Detective Chief Inspector Laura Corscadden was awarded on Wednesday (11/10) the National Investigator of the Year for exceptional policing by the Police Federation of England and Wales.  

The Federation’s article announcing Laura’s award states:  

“Laura Corscadden stands as the well-deserved recipient of this year’s National Investigator of the Year Award, recognised for her exceptional detective skills and extensive experience spanning CID, protecting vulnerable people, and counterterrorism. 

“As a dedicated detective inspector at Thames Valley Police, Laura adeptly manages the Reading CID team, achieving remarkable results despite the challenges posed by Reading’s diverse and demanding local policing area. 

“Her unwavering professionalism, leadership, and composed demeanour are the cornerstones of her team’s extraordinary performance, earning her the trust and confidence of colleagues, partners, and stakeholders alike. 

“Laura’s commitment to excellence is evident not only in her team but also in her impact on broader staff under her command, extending across Reading and when fulfilling the Duty DI role. This commitment translates into elevated morale, seamless teamwork, and outstanding outcomes in tackling the most serious crimes, all while fostering positive community interactions. 

“Laura’s dedication to her craft shines through in her pursuit of advanced training, including her ongoing participation in PIP3 Major Crime SIO core training, positioning her as a future PIP3 SIO. 

“Beyond her core responsibilities, Laura’s leadership extends to addressing critical issues like violence against women and girls. Her instrumental role in establishing Op Vigilant in Reading Town Centre demonstrates her proactive approach to identifying and combatting predatory behaviour, ultimately safeguarding vulnerable individuals, and preventing serious offenses. 

“Furthermore, Laura’s impact reverberates through her pivotal role in developing and implementing the TVP Crime Academy, overseeing detective and PIP2 recruitment, training, accreditation, and CPD. 

“Her involvement in direct entry DC pathways and the Aspiring Detective Development Programme has set a national standard for best practice, with the Crime Academy’s excellence recognised by the NPCC RRWI Board. 

“Laura’s commitment to nurturing future detectives and her ability to inspire others through effective communication and recruitment efforts are commendable. 

“Her exemplary work in building trust and facilitating victim support within historically challenging communities underscores her dedication to justice. 

“In summary, Laura Corscadden’s all-encompassing contributions to exceptional performance, community engagement, team leadership, and the development of future detectives exemplify her outstanding ability and enduring commitment to policing. 

“Laura serves as an exemplary role model for officers considering and pursuing the path of detective work, making her a truly deserving National Investigator of the Year.” 

Upon receiving the award, Laura said: “Throughout my career, being a detective has been a huge privilege and I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t acknowledge my phenomenal team with incredible individuals. I am really proud of the recognition personally but mostly for my team and the force, so thank you so much for the nomination and for the award, I am truly honoured.” 

On behalf of Thames Valley Police, we congratulate our colleague Laura for her achievement! 

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