‘Be Bold, Be Seen, Be Heard’: National Women of Colour in Policing

‘Be Bold, Be Seen, Be Heard’: National Women of Colour in Policing

The National Police Chiefs’ Council’s (NPCC’s) 2025 vision is for policing to be a profession with a more representative workforce that reflects the people it serves.   

With more women joining policing than ever before, the National Women of Colour in Policing UK (NWoCiP UK) group was launched in late 2022 and aims to inspire women of colour in policing to realise their potential.   

What does the NWoCiP do?  

The group wants to improve the voice and position of women of all colour in policing whether a police officer, staff member or volunteer, through developing an understanding of lived experiences and barriers to development and progression.  

NWoCiP focussed on 5 key areas:   

  • Continuous Professional Development  
  • Cultural Change  
  • Confidence in Expression  
  • Characteristics & Intersectionality  
  • Communications & Events  

At the heart of this endeavour, akin to the Thames Valley Women’s Network, lies the desire to uplift others by leaning in and creating a platform where women can share their experiences, learn from one another, and benefit from an array of opportunities.   

Empowering Women of Colour  

This summer, the group organised an event at the College of Policing in Ryton, hosted by Nita Pankhania (who is currently seconded from TVP), the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Lead at the College. The event focused on a wide range of topics, encouraging attendees to think about their roadmap to personal and professional success.  

Nita said:

“This event is amongst the first milestones, actively engaging women of colour in policing and our champions and delivering our NWoCiP UK strategy and objectives. I am passionately dedicated to enhancing CPD opportunities and uplifting the voices of underrepresented women.” 

A few of our TVP colleagues attended the event, and shared their thoughts with us:   

Michelle Campbell, Head of Corporate Communications, and NWoCiP Executive, said:

“As a senior woman from an ethnically diverse background in our force and within the police service, I am passionate about supporting other women of colour to grow and progress within policing as I have.  

NWoCiP has been in place for just under a year and is full of passionate people who are committed to supporting each other and I am proud to be a member of the Executive Committee. 

I recently attended the Continuous Professional Development event, and it was the first time I have seen so many women of colour together in one room at a policing event. If you are looking to take the next step in your development, I highly recommend getting involved.”

PC Sylvia Masih-Gil, an officer in TVP’s Positive Action & Engagement Team (PAET), said:

Events like these show that progress is possible and that support is available. Taking part in such an event, with likeminded people made me feel energised, supported and proud to be a part of it. 

‘The event really made me reflect on the importance of tenacity and authenticity, inspired by the story of a police staff member who shared their career journey in policing, despite many obstacles.”

Together, let us drive forward change within policing.

To find out more about how we value difference at Thames Valley Police, visit TVP Careers.