Thames Valley Police introduces trailblazing Women’s Football Team

Thames Valley Police introduces trailblazing Women’s Football Team

We are thrilled to announce a historic milestone for Thames Valley Police as we launched our very own women’s football team at the end of 2023. The team showcased their determination and talent by winning their first competitive match against the London Ambulance Service in October, securing an impressive 8-2 victory in the Emergency Services Football League.

women's footballThe women’s football team was set up by manager PC Iestyn Llewellyn, who was surprised to find that TVP did not have one. The team now has 40 members and have attended three friendly and two competitive matches.

PC Amy Batkin, who plays as a striker, said:

“Being a part of the first women’s football team for TVP is truly special. It fills me with pride to contribute to history, showcasing the positive direction of women’s football. I know all the girls are grateful to Iestyn for investing his time and efforts into setting it up.”

Captain PC Talane Smith, said:

“With the way women’s football has grown in recent years, I’m really proud to be part of the first women’s TVP team! It’s a chance for us to represent the force in a women’s sport that so many young and aspiring females want to be involved in these days.”

The team’s kits are part-sponsored through the TVP Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) fund, and carry the important message of ‘Call It Out’ printed on them. This message extends beyond VAWG and applies to any inappropriate language or behaviour, both on and off the pitch. The kits also feature sponsorship through the Curtis Palmer Program—a charity dedicated to supporting emergency service personnel facing visible and non-visible disabilities.

PC Smith added:

“It’s great to wear our kit that proudly displays the “Curtis Palmer Programme” and “Call It Out”, which allows the team to actively participate in spreading awareness about the significant work and messages that TVP is committed to.”

Manager PC Iestyn Llewellyn, said:

“Our goal is to provide an outlet for our cops to express themselves; the team is comprised of dedicated players, some of whom have already been recruited to the national police women’s team.”

“As a parent, especially to a 14-year-old daughter, it’s about showing her that she’s more than capable. Our players, some of whom have had children are returning to the sport, and have since joined their local clubs, benefitting not only TVP but the local communities we serve. These women are the role models I want for my daughter, and if my daughter turns out like them, then that’s a win for me.”

“We’re not just a team; we’re history makers.”

To learn more about the benefits of working at Thames Valley Police, visit our Supporting You page.