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From Finance to ICT, HR to Forensics, Communications to Legal, you’re sure to find your place at TVP.

As an employee of Thames Valley Police, one of the largest employers in the region, you will feel a strong sense of pride in working to safeguard the communities we serve. You will work closely alongside motivated and inspiring colleagues, in a challenging and ever-changing environment. Alongside this, you will be given the opportunities and support needed to achieve your goals.

Training & development

By investing in your personal and professional development, our aim is to build a team which is committed to serving the public.

We offer a wide variety of training which is tailored to your role, plus opportunities for staff to apply for supported study.

If you’re ambitious for career progression or development, we have a leadership and talent management team who will support you to achieve your goals. We also offer leadership development courses to strengthen your supervisory skills and help you to realise your full potential.

Temporary roles

Are you looking for flexible, temporary work? We have a number of fantastic, temporary opportunities available in departments across the force.

We work closely with Reed Recruitment to find talented individuals. Please visit Reed’s website for further information and to express your interest.

Staff departments

Criminal Justice

TVP’s Criminal Justice (CJ) department is responsible for the administration of justice and could be described as the ‘engine room’ of the force due to the critical functions it delivers to secure justice for victims and protect our communities from harm. The CJ department is one of our largest, with almost 600 staff members working in various teams across the force, connecting operational policing with the criminal justice system. On a daily basis it supports frontline teams to deliver high quality investigations and prosecutions, whilst providing the highest level of care and support to victims, witnesses and those suspected of committing crimes.

The department’s vision is to deliver fair, high quality and innovative justice, by:

  • Empowering and inspiring our teams to fulfil their potential and enhance the quality of the justice journey
  • Providing timely, effective support to the frontline
  • Investing in strong and enduring relationships with criminal justice partners
  • Championing the use of technology to improve the accessibility and effectiveness of justice
  • Instilling an ethos of learning to create a safe, professional and productive environment for service delivery

There are many diverse and exciting opportunities within the Criminal Justice department, from Detention Officers operating in the Custody Suites to the Witness Care Unit (WCU) supporting victims and witnesses through the court process. Our file admin support teams (FAST) ensure cases are trial ready, whilst our fixed penalty unit supports our Roads Policing Unit to improve the safety across one of the busiest road networks in the country. All play a vital role in the delivery of criminal justice across the Thames Valley. Alongside this the department is constantly seeking opportunities to improve how it uses technology to deliver these various critical functions, with a number of large scale change projects underway to achieve this.

Crime Teams

Our crime focused teams support all levels of investigation and prosecution and include the management of evidence, the evidential and quality review of case files, the transcribing of interviews and providing critical post-charge support, such as the management of bail and the issuing of postal requisitions requiring people to attend court. Our youth justice team works closely with locally based Youth Offending Teams (YOTs) to divert young people away from crime and reduce re-offending whilst our Case Disposals team updates the Police National Computer (PNC) with the results of court cases, as well as managing disclosures to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

These crime teams include:

  • Admin Support Team (FAST) – Crime.
  • Postal Requisition team.
  • Interview Administration Team.
  • Youth Justice.
  • Case Disposal Team.
  • Bail Management Team.
  • Evidence Management Unit.
  • Evidential Review Officers.

Evidence Management

This team ensures that any evidence in police possession, be that physical or digital (including Body-worn video footage), is handled professionally and in line with current legislation, to ensure it is admissible in court.  There are 14 Evidence Management Units (EMUs) spread across the force who are responsible for capturing and securing evidence, sharing it with other departments such as our Forensic Investigation Unit (FIU) and ensuring it is returned and stored securely.  Depending on the nature of the evidence, work in the EMUs can sometimes be physically and emotionally demanding, with high levels of attention to detail required.  The team are also responsible for Digital Evidence management, undertaking the same approach for digital and body-worn video evidence.

Traffic Teams

Our Traffic focused teams register collisions, investigate minor traffic crime and collisions, administer driver education courses and penalty tickets issued for driving offences. Court Presentation Officers (CPOs) specifically present low level traffic prosecutions and domestic violence protection order (DVPO) applications at court.

Our traffic teams include:

  • File Admin Support Team (FAST) – Traffic.
  • Fixed Penalty Unit.
  • Enquiry Officers.
  • Process Officers.
  • Court Presentation Officers.

Witness Care

The Witness Care Unit (WCU) specialises in the support and care of witnesses and victims as they progress through the criminal justice system. Their primary role is to engage with and support witnesses, victims and vulnerable individuals, ensuring the Force complies with the relevant national legislation, policies and guidance. This can be an emotionally demanding but rewarding role as the team support people through some of the most difficult and critical times of their lives.

Meet Leah Julier, one of our Witness Care Unit Team Leaders.

The NicheRMS Team

TVP currently utilises the Niche computer system to deliver our record management system covering areas such as the recording of crime, intelligence and the detention of people in police Custody. The Criminal Justice department hosts 2 teams who support this system on a day to day basis, specifically:

  • Niche Data Quality: This team researches, reviews, audits and monitors the information held in NicheRMS to ensure it is fit for purpose for the wider force and nationally. They also provide guidance and advice to support the force in improving the quality of the data held;
  • Niche Business Support Team: This team provides a technical, process support and development service for all NicheRMS users. They manage a helpdesk service and provide expert knowledge to the wider force on all technical business changes, new digital processes and systems. They create and provide system reports and develop scripts and templates to deliver system’s data to business users to allow decision making, disclosure and risk management.

Detention Officers

Detention Officers (DOs) are the first point of contact for both police and detainees entering custody, ensuring they are safely managed throughout their detention following arrest. Our DOs must have the resilience to deal with challenging situations and manage risks, including the ability to empathise with a range of individuals, identifying any vulnerabilities they may have, and responding to their needs.

DOs work a series of shifts to provide a high standard of care for people who are detained by the police every day, week and month of the year. Their job role includes:

  • supporting police officers bringing detainees into custody, completing initial documentation and searches;
  • managing the care of detainees throughout their detention;
  • taking DNA samples, obtaining fingerprints and documenting arrests;
  • working closely with a range of key professionals including health care providers, mental health staff, interpreters and solicitors;
  • providing a kind and non-judgmental ear to those in need, accessing or signposting them to appropriate sources of support.

To learn more about the role of our DOs, please watch the below video:

Joint ICT

TVP and Hampshire Constabulary’s Joint ICT department plays a critical role enabling our staff and officers to make the most effective decisions about protecting people and bringing offenders to justice by providing the right information, at the right time, in the right location and in the right way.

It’s an incredibly exciting time to be working in ICT at TVP. With approximately 40 inflight projects and programmes, there’s a real opportunity for your work to directly impact upon the quality of service our frontline officers deliver.

Looking forward, ICT will play a pivotal role as we look to explore the benefits tech such as wearables, artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots can deliver to policing. There are opportunities at all levels across the department and we are particularly keen to make the most of skills in data, cloud management, Office 365 as well as specialist capabilities in knowledge management and service introduction.

Hear more about the current work of our Joint ICT department in the video below.


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