Providing a solid foundation at TVP is a committed group of administrators.  Our administrators fulfil crucial and diverse roles within a wide variety of departments and teams. Their support is indispensable to the smooth functioning and overall performance of the force, ensuring that essential tasks are effectively carried out on a daily basis, helping us better protect our communities.

From supporting frontline teams, specialist units, and background functions, the importance of administrators within TVP cannot be overstated. Our administrators have excellent attention to detail, act as crucial points of contact for internal and external stakeholders, often acting as first point of contact for their area of business and ensure the integrity of documentation and data.  Their contribution towards building trust, fighting crime and serving victims is vital – simply put, we could protect our communities without them.

Roles vary widely depending on which department you are based in. To learn more about a specific position, please check our available opportunities on our vacancies page.

“It is simple, as a leadership team we would not be able to function without the critical support provided by our incredible administration teams. The structure and support they provide enables us to manage all of the demands placed upon us, ensuring we can deliver what is required to achieve justice and protect our communities from harm”

Where you'll find our administrators

Administrators can be found throughout the force in a range of departments, from our operational Local Crime Units and Criminal Justice department to our ‘Head Office’ functions including Finance, People Services and Legal and anywhere in between. 

Who are we looking for?

Administrative roles with TVP vary greatly – both in terms of the tasks to be undertaken and the responsibility held. As such, entry criteria, experience, and role accountability can be widely diverse.

There are some common qualities that we value highly in applicants looking to join as an administrator. These include a strong attention to detail, excellent organisational skills, and the ability to communicate with clear and concise language. It is important you can work in a fast-paced environment, ability to forward-think and be proactive is key.  You need to be adept at dealing with a variety of stakeholders, whilst policing personnel can often change you may be the constant in a department – so a flexible, adaptable nature is useful.

Please refer to individual job descriptions for relevant details. 

Benefits of working for TVP

Thames Valley Police provides a wide range of benefits – for more details on these, please visit our Supporting You page.


If you are interested in administration opportunities across the force helping protect our communities, please visit our vacancies portal.