Meet PC Lucy Williams of TVP’s Positive Action and Engagement Team

Meet PC Lucy Williams of TVP’s Positive Action and Engagement Team

PC Lucy Williams

Age at joining: 21

Length of Service 14 (and a half!) years

Why did you want to become a Police Officer? 

I was drawn to the fast paced and exciting nature of the uniformed role. I wanted a meaningful career that enabled me to help people, meeting people from a variety of backgrounds and the prospect of new experiences.

Why difference makes a difference in policing.

Whilst working in investigation I had a case whereby a baby was abandoned on a doorstep. The days that followed were long and intense due to the fast-paced nature of the investigation. Information and intelligence gathered led to the Mother being found and appropriate support was put in place, safeguarding both Mother and baby. Policing is not always about criminalising people, it is about doing the right thing to protect the most vulnerable members of our society when they are facing their biggest challenges.

The difference you hope to make on the Positive Action and Engagement Team (PAET).

I look forward to building on the great work of the team so far. I really believe that our diversity is our strength and I am keen to support those considering a career in policing.

One piece of advice or encouragement you’d give to someone apprehensive about joining? 

Policing can be tough which is where the support of your team is crucial, but there are many days where I think ‘Wow I can’t believe this is my job!’. I have met fantastic people and been involved in varied and meaningful work.  Policing isn’t just about blue lights and confrontation, it is also about team work, listening to and supporting those at their most vulnerable, problem solving and thinking of new and innovative solutions to community or societal problems.

The best thing about a career in policing?

The variety and how rewarding it is.  In addition, the fact it has enabled me to work flexibly – I have a work/life balance for my family, which I am not sure I would get elsewhere.

Please note, TVP does offer flexible working patterns but during your probation, all new joiners are required to work full time.

Thames Valley Police (TVP) is actively looking for people wanting to be the difference they want to see in their communities. To find out more about a policing career with TVP – including the realities of working on response, initial training, and to register your interest to become a Police Officer please visit our Police Officer page.