Making my difference – a conversation with Special Constable Alex Birkenshaw

Making my difference – a conversation with Special Constable Alex Birkenshaw

Special Constable Alex BirkenshawSpecial Constable Alex Birkenshaw, 25, has been working as a Special Constable for one year, alongside being an Assistant Buyer at Asos. We caught up with Alex to find out more about her journey.

Your day job and being a Special are quite different! Was there anything in particular that inspired you to join policing?

The police had always interested me and I had considered it as a career so being a Special was a perfect way to experience it alongside working in another career. Ultimately, making a difference to others makes me feel at my best so that was my inspiration when joining.

That’s very admirable, is there anything in particular that you have enjoyed most about being a Special?

Without a doubt its being on response policing, no shift is ever the same! I really enjoy the environment, all the teams I have worked with are great and I really look forward to coming into work. The teams make you feel so welcome and it’s actually really fun.

And what about challenges? Has anything been difficult?

Working shifts around my day job and personal life can be challenging, but I make it work by booking shifts in advance. Knowing that the benefits of helping those in need far outweigh any logistical negatives.

Being faced with new situations constantly can also be challenging but it gives you a real grounding and confidence which transfers over to the rest of you life.

Are there any other transferrable skills you feel policing has taught you?

Policing has definitely taught me better ways to manage stress, I have more confidence in my decision making and communication skills to speak to a variety of different people.

What would you say to someone looking to become a Special?

Absolutely do it! The differences it can make for your personal and professional development are only positive, it has been the best decision I ever made.

If you have been inspired to become a Special Constable and work alongside our officers, like Alex, explore how to apply here: Special Constables – TVP Careers