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A conversation with Special Sergeant Emem Adegbola

What drew you to become a Special Constable, how did you find out about the role? I’ve always been attracted to volunteer work. Helping out at church events, working at youth clubs, getting roped into free technical support when people find out I’m good with computers, the list goes on. To this day I’m not …

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90 seconds with Special Sergeant Tim Clarke

Rank: Special Sergeant Age at joining: 49 Length of service: 8 years Day job: Transport Business Owner What prompted you to become a Special? I was doing a bit of research into the family tree and I found my Great Grandfather had been a Special in WWI when he was 57. So I thought, well …

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Training to be a Special Constable – my journey so far

Gwen Moore joined Thames Valley Police in 2018 as a Special Constable in Loddon Valley. This is the story of her first-four weekends of training. Keep your eyes peeled for a follow-up article from Gwen that takes a look at how she’s getting on as a fully attested Special Constable. Name: Gwen Moore Job title …