Thames Valley Police Discovery Day: A Glimpse into Policing Excellence

Thames Valley Police Discovery Day: A Glimpse into Policing Excellence

Thames Valley PoliceIn an eye-opening two-day event Thames Valley Police (TVP), in partnership with BAMEhubUK and Activate Learning’s City of Oxford College, welcomed a group of enthusiastic students to our October 2023 Discovery Day. This event offered a captivating exploration of the diverse roles within law enforcement, providing invaluable insights into what it takes to thrive in the world of policing.

Day One kicked off at our Training Centre in Sulhamstead, Reading and aimed to ignite the students’ passion for law enforcement, starting with a deep dive into the intensive foundation training that our new in-service officers undergo. They then moved on to Crime, meeting Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Richard Jarvis, unravelling the complex world of investigation and offering a unique opportunity to understand the challenges and rewards that come with bring a Detective in modern policing. The day continued with hands-on experiences in Forensic Crime Scene Investigation, emphasising the importance of attention to detail and showcasing the importance of attention to detail and a problem-solving approach aspect of solving crimes.

Firearms training with Police Sergeant (PS) Christopher Thompson provided a glimpse into the precision and discipline required in this specialist aspect of law enforcement. The day ended with students actively participating in the Police Fitness Test, reinforcing the physical demands and the competitive spirit that drives those in the field.

Thames Valley PoliceDay Two saw us relocate to Maidenhead Police Station and sought to further deepen the students’ understanding of policing. Stop and Search procedures were discussed, emphasising the delicate balance between community safeguarding and individual rights. An exclusive tour of a custody suite provided a first-hand look at the meticulous procedures involved, underlining the department’s role in both upholding the law but also taking care of those who find themselves detained.

The digital age then took centre stage as students explored cybercrime investigation with Detective Constable Alex Kiljan, understanding the evolving nature of crime in our connected world. Policing expanded beyond traditional boundaries as Police Constable (PC) Doug Murphy showcased the broader responsibilities of our Roads Policing Department. The day concluded with a glimpse into police motorcycles, generously provided by PC Murphy, allowing students to get hands-on and understand the equipment in use.

Our Discovery Day served as an immersive experience, deepening students’ appreciation for the diverse roles within the organisation. It aimed to build bridges between officers and the communities we protect whilst also inspiring the next generation of law enforcement professionals. The event’s success is a promising sign for the future of policing, and we eagerly anticipate welcoming more students to events next year.

To learn more about diversity & inclusion at Thames Valley Police, visit our Valuing Difference page.