Realising her potential – Inspector Nicola Hamblin, Incident Crime & Response

Realising her potential – Inspector Nicola Hamblin, Incident Crime & Response

As an Incident Crime & Response (ICR) Inspector, Nicky has had a fascinating 19 years across various departments at Thames Valley Police (TVP). From Prisoner Intervention and Priority Crime to attachments to the UK Border Agency (UKBA) and Serious and Organised Crime Unit (SOCU), we recently caught up with Nicky about how she is realising her potential with a policing career at TVP.

Age at joining: 33
Length of service: 19 years

Is this the path you expected to take in your career?    

I fell into various investigative roles at the beginning of my career by being in the right place at the right time, and always thought I would be a detective. I decided I wanted to pursue uniform roles in 2010 and I applied for the Neighbourhood role. When I decided to go for promotion to Sergeant I thought it would be my highest rank but I got more experienced in the role, enjoyed being a supervisor and decided to go further to become an Inspector.

What do you think about the range of opportunities that are available in policing?

There is such a huge range of opportunities in policing. Thames Valley Police (TVP) are very good at developing staff and there are a number of programmes available for staff to prepare for future roles. TVP are also good at making staff aware of different departments with awareness days during the year.

What are your ambitions for your career now?

I have been in my current role over a year and I want to be the best ICR inspector I can be. I love my team and want to continue working with them. I have thought about promotion and being a Detective but for now I am happy where I am.

Is there anything you wish someone would have told you at the beginning of your career in policing?

No but I wish my Dad had not talked me out of joining the police in 1989 as I would be retired now! He thought I was too young and quiet to be police officer when I was 19 years old. He was probably right!

What do you love most about your job?

The comradery and knowing that we do make a difference to people’s lives.

What would you say to people considering policing?

Do it! But do it when you’re ready and have the necessary skills.


Thames Valley Police (TVP) is actively looking for people to be the difference they want to see in their communities. To find out more about a policing career with TVP – including the realities of working on response, initial training, and to apply to become a Police Officer please visit our Police Officer page