TVP Men’s Football Team: A Legacy of Excellence and Ambition 

TVP Men’s Football Team: A Legacy of Excellence and Ambition 

The Thames Valley Police (TVP) men’s football team has been an important part of police and emergency service sports for more than 35 years. They compete in the Police Sport UK (PSUK) and Emergency Services Football League (ESFL), demonstrating the team’s athletic ability and the strong camaraderie within the force.. 

The PSUK competition, a tournament solely for police teams throughout the UK, and the ESFL, encompassing all emergency and military services across the nation, serve as platforms where the TVP men’s team has achieved considerable progress. Annually, backed by the sports and social club, the team pushes to recruit new talent and improve its setup.

A History of Near Wins and Determined Comebacks 

The 2016-2017 season marked a significant achievement for TVP, as they reached the semi-finals of the PSUK Cup. The following season, they advanced to the PSUK final at Sunderland FC’s iconic Stadium of Light. In the final, TVP narrowly lost to the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) in the last minute of the game. 

That pursuit of glory continued in 2023 when TVP reached the ESFL final, only to be edged out 1-0 by the North Wales Police Service. Despite these near misses, the team’s resilience and spirit remain unshaken. 

International Ventures and Future Aspirations 

This season, TVP achieved a milestone by participating in the ESFL Euro tournament in Salou, Spain. This international venture, the first in many years, was a huge success. The positive experience has set the stage for future plans, with aspirations to take a larger squad to the next tournament in two years time.  

The team is also exploring opportunities to collaborate with the women’s team and potentially establish a veterans’ team. This expansion aims to attract more players, enhancing the diversity and strength of the force’s football programme.   

Voices from the Team 

PC Mark Burton, the team captain, reflects on his experience: 

“I have been playing force football for the last seven years and it’s been such a pleasure playing with a great group of lads. In that time we’ve reached four finals in different competitions, which both myself and the managers are very proud of. We have a good reputation and are known by other teams as one of the strongest and best passing police teams, and that is another aspect we are very proud of.”

PC Jamie Hall highlights the personal benefits of being part of the team: 

“I’ve represented Thames Valley Police playing football since 2016. I have seen a huge amount of change in policing in that time and I have had a varied career. One thing I can say is playing football with colleagues and friends has helped with my mental wellbeing. For me, football is a break from the everyday stresses we face in policing.

I have represented TVP in numerous finals and have made some lifelong friends in the meantime. Given the vast area Thames Valley covers, it allows officers from all three counties to come together and play. I think that the recent discussion to grow the club is a positive step in helping officers’ welfare across the force, allowing them to play football, meet new colleagues, and build new relationships.”

The Thames Valley Police men’s football team consistently exhibits dedication, teamwork, and an unwavering spirit. Focused on future triumphs and growth, the team serves as a symbol of pride and unity for the entire force.

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