Police Support Volunteers are key members of our policing family, providing valuable support and assistance to Police Officers and Staff across the force. Community-minded individuals are encouraged to become volunteers and use their skills, experience and knowledge to support us in our work.

Volunteering provides benefits to the individual as well as the organisation. Typically our volunteers feel valued, gaining confidence and self-esteem through making a difference in their local community. You can develop new skills and enhance your skills, experience and CV.

Volunteer opportunities across the force are varied; from multi-faith Chaplains who provide invaluable pastoral support to our Cadet Leaders to support our Police Cadet Scheme, from Neighbourhood and Crime Prevention volunteers to the ever popular Police Puppy Socialisers… there are many ways you can get involved!

Our volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures and are aged 16 and above. Those who are 16 and 17 years old will need the permission of a parent or guardian.

We will pay your out-of-pocket expenses and there are no minimum number of hours you have to complete. You will be provided with a role supervisor, who will ensure all the necessary training and support is provided, and look after your welfare and wellbeing to make sure you are fully integrated as part of the team.

How can you become a TVP volunteer?

Newly identified volunteer opportunities will be announced on our TVP Vacancies portal as soon as they are available. We are currently recruiting for the following roles. All application closing dates are 31 December 2023, unless state otherwise.

If you have skills or expertise that could help outside of the advertised roles then please make contact directly on volunteers@thamesvalley.police.uk and we will respond as quickly as we can to plan how we might support each other.

We are also currently recruiting for Special Constables (Volunteer Police Officers). Please visit our Special Constables page for further information.

Alternatively, if you are between the ages of 13-18 and are interested in our Police Cadet Scheme, please visit our Cadets page or contact the team directly on thamesvalleypolicecadets@thamesvalley.police.uk

Meet TVP’s volunteers

Sue Lepp - TVP Chaplain

Sue Lepp – TVP Chaplain, Slough

Canadian born Sue relocated to the UK in 2007 and is a priest in Langley, Slough, working between three churches. She was keen to get involved in her community outside of her ‘day job’ and chaplaincy had always appealed. She provides personal and practical support to our officers, staff and their families giving up to four hours of her time each week. She considers herself a ‘friendly stranger’ supporting teams or individuals, often following critical incidents or at stressful periods. Our multi-faith chaplains provide an independent, listening presence and can help bring a different perspective when people are going through a tough time.

“Volunteering with TVP provides a fascinating insight into the community I live in and the people who protect it.”

Kumudu Perera - People Services Volunteer, Kidlington

Kumudu Perera – People Services Volunteer, Kidlington

Kumudu is a welcome, familiar face in the People Services (HR) team at TVP and has provided invaluable administrative support, several hours a week, for over four years. Kumudu helps with backlogs of paperwork and important archiving. The work helps keep his IT knowledge up-to-date, allows him to learn new skills and build confidence. In his spare time he also volunteers for his local hospital.

“I chose to volunteer at TVP because it is a very diverse organisation and I wanted to give back to my community. I enjoy admin and being part of a friendly, positive team.”

Paul Swannells - Anti-Social Behaviour Mediator

Paul Swannells – Anti-Social Behaviour Mediator

Paul volunteers as an Anti-Social Behaviour Mediator, a role he has enjoyed now for 4 years, this follows 8 years as a PCSO in Newport Pagnell and formerly a 32 year career as a primary school teacher. Paul has always been very community-minded; he has been a scout leader, church treasurer and was a local football referee for 39 years – where fair play was key in decision making. For TVP he helps resolve ASB and neighbour disputes including disagreements over noise, boundaries, dogs, children and parking.

He encourages people into face to face mediation, providing a non-judgemental listening ear, aiming to get people who are having difficulty seeing eye to eye to engage with each other. He has successfully managed to resolve many long standing issues, for no other reward than the satisfaction of helping make the local community a calmer and more cohesive.

“My work can be frustrating at times, but knowing I have helped heal wounds and rifts, restoring neighbourly relations is hugely rewarding. I enjoy the contact I have with officers and PCSOs and continuing to be part of TVP’s police family.”

Alison Farrar - Initial Training Role-Player

Alison Farrar – Initial Training Role-Player, Police Training College, Sulhamstead

Alison is one of a team of role-play volunteers who help with the scenario training our student officers experience during initial training. Previously, Alison spent over 30 years with the health service and initially started volunteering at TVP processing stop and search admin at Loddon Valley station. When she found out about role-playing she jumped at the opportunity and has been supporting us in this capacity for several years.

“I have played the drunk and disorderly role on many occasions, and likewise been arrested many times! Playing different characters is fun and is a complete diversion from my day-to-day life. Volunteering is very flexible and I can help out as often as I am able. I love seeing the student officers progress in confidence throughout their training.”