Career opportunities as a Police Officer

Career opportunities as a Police Officer

Throughout your career with Thames Valley Police (TVP), you’ll receive support and ongoing training to make sure you have everything you need to carry out your duties competently and confidently.

Most new officers begin their policing journey in frontline policing, but the opportunities to progress and develop as part of TVP are nearly endless.

From growing in the ranks, or taking on a specialism, you can expand your policing career based on your skills and interests – your career is yours to tailor, and TVP will be there to help you along the way.  

Whether as a Police Constable or Detective Constable, this is the starting rank for all officers
Most Sergeants are responsible for a team of Constables. This is the first rank with supervisory responsibilities
An Inspector will typically oversee a shift of constables and sergeants, and will take charge of major incidents in their Local Police Area (LPA)/ Local Command Unit (LCU)
Chief Inspector
A Chief Inspector is a senior officer that oversees large teams, such as operations or investigations
This is a senior management rank - with a Superintendent acting as the Commander for a LPA/(LCU)
Meet our LPA/LCU Commanders
Chief Superintendent
The Chief Superintendent is the most senior rank of the LPA/LCU Commanders
Meet our LPA/LCU Commanders
Assistant Chief Constable
ACCs are Chief Officers that hold responsibility for a particular business area or function for the whole force, this might include operations or investigations
Meet our Chief Officers
Deputy Chief Constable
Handling the running of the force, the Deputy Chief Constable will step in for the Chief Constable when required
Meet our Chief Officers
Chief Constable
The highest rank, the Chief Constable is responsible for ensuring the effective running of the force
Meet our Chief Officers
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Specialisms within policing

Policing offers a wide and diverse range of specialisms as you progress through your career – hover over the tiles below to discover a few of them.


Managing complex investigations through to the verdict being delivered at court. Detectives interview suspects, identify witnesses, and are the point of contact for victims of crime - working to uncover the truth!


Providing 24/7 coverage, and responding to the most serious of incident, these specially trained officers also provide armed protection and security

Rural Crime

The Rural Crime Taskforce consists of a team of dedicated officers, as well as intelligence support and all the kit and equipment required to function effectively in tackling serious and organised rural crime.

Neighbourhood Policing

Providing a localised approach to policing which allows officers to be accessible and responsive to the needs of the community

Dog Handler

From apprehending offenders, to detecting illegal substances or locating missing persons - the role of a Dog Handler is wide and diverse.

Additional Capabilities

From response driving, to public order training, and handling tasers to piloting drones. Policing offers a multitude of ways to develop your skillset

Roads Policing

The Roads Policing Unit strives towards reducing the volume of those who die or are seriously injured on the roads. Responding quickly to incidents, and proactively policing the road network.

Mounted Section

As part of the Joint Operations Unit, our Mounted Section assists with Public Order, high visibility patrols, escort protection duties, and much more!


From specialist search teams to dedicated investigators and liaison officers, carve out your own career path at Thames Valley Police