Jenna’s weekend on nights

Jenna’s weekend on nights

Response Officers on shift typically work a shift pattern of two earlies, two lates, two nights, four off. The following account of a weekend on nights was taken July 2021.


2030 Arrive at work. Get into uniform and kit.

2100 Briefing.

2115 Called out of briefing to attend report of an aggressive Male in town. Male is known to police. It takes four officers to attend and transport male home.

2200 Foot patrol around town dealing with members of public not wanting to leave pubs. Reassurance patrol to pubs and door staff.

0200 Assault in town. Male claims to have been robbed.

0300 Return to the station. Cell watch for a violent female who had already assaulted two officers.

0500 Paperwork.

0700 Clock off. Traffic busy. Arrive home. Hang washing out, walk the dog. Fall into bed 0830. Awake at 1400 to see the family.


2130 Arrive at work, uniform and kit on.

2200 Briefing.

2300 Response to report of three males fighting. Area searching for males.

2330 Aggressive male arrested, welcome party at Loddon Station to assist.

0000 Called to Henley. Back up on a job, area searching for the aggressive male.

0100 An Immediate. Head back to Reading for an RTC (road traffic collision). Drunk male drove through a member of public’s wall and garage.

0200 Fire-service making scene safe. Waiting for recovery of vehicle.

0300 Car recovered.

0330 Report of three missing people. Attend an address to conduct a missing person’s report with the person reporting.

0600 Back to station to do all paperwork from the evening.

0700 Finally end of shift. Return home, traffic heavier as it’s early Monday. Get kids up and breakfasted ready for school. Walk dog.

0930 Bed.