A nightshift with an ICR Officer

A nightshift with an ICR Officer

The following account was taken during a Saturday night, July 2021.

2030 Arrive into work kit up, cup of tea, chat with the team until briefing.

2100 Briefing with team for normal ICR shift – I will spend the initial part of the shift policing the local night-time economy, later I’ll be assigned to Incident Crime Response (ICR).

2130 Kit up the large vans and head out into the town to police the night-time economy.

2200 Fight in progress outside a pub – attend – render first aid to a victim of assault and arrest the assailant.

2230 Book the suspect/prisoner into custody – completing custody procedures.

2300 Return back to the town. Deal with a vulnerable drunk young female who is too drunk to speak, identify a next of kin to come and pick her up, leave her at the church with street pastors to keep an eye on her.

2330 Foot patrols round the riverside and town centre. Engage with some people as along the way. Stop a male urinating on a shop door.

0000 Called to an aggressive drunk male who has gotten into a car and driven off, stopped the car and arrested the driver for drink driving.

0030 Handover drink drive prisoner to a prisoner transport van – crew to take him to custody whilst I remain in town.

0100 Fight in progress in the street following some pubs closing. Attend. No injuries, taken details and reported the offender at scene for the offence.

0130 Stop checked vehicle. Driver did not have a licence or insurance – joy riding his Dad’s car – reported for the offence and vehicle seized.

0230 Back into town to deal with last few drunk people being kicked out of pubs.

0300 Return to the police station. Grab vehicle keys and change roles on to Incident Crime Response (ICR).

0330 Respond to a domestic in progress. Victim assaulted by partner, partner arrested and handed over to prisoner transport team to book into custody. Writing up this job and the jobs we’ve been to so far takes a couple of hours at least.

0530 Injury / road traffic collision reported. Offender has run away from scene after getting out of his vehicle and punching the driving of the other car. Scene and traffic management done, first aid done, forensic swabs done of victim of assault. Forensics of offending vehicle done and vehicle seized.

Complete handover for early shift to try arrest attempts at suspect’s house. This takes a couple of hours at least.

0700 Should be off now but still busy doing handover.

0900 Finish work and head home.

0950 Arrive home, unpack my bags, put the washing on, have something to eat.

1015 Go to sleep (if you can).